Monday, March 25, 2013


I have read that a good rule of thumb for blogging is to write about what you know. For me that's problematic. I don't think I know enough about any one thing for it to be blog worthy. As my mother says, "Colleen, you know a little bit about everything." I'm sure she means well but isn't it said that  a little knowledge is a dangerous thing? If that be true, I am extremely dangerous, and not in a black cat suit ninja kinda way. It would be cool if I was, maybe.

My brother works for a company called "Rotor Blade." The first time he told me I thought he said "Rent A Blade." I was jazzed, told him it sounded like an assassins guild. I felt somewhat foolish when he corrected me but still thought that an assassins guild might be cool, especially if you could just join and not have to actually be an assassin. Of course, as far as I know, there are no assassin guilds around except in movies and video games. Just think how awesome you could dress for a job like that. Capes with hoods, lots of leather, (protects better than cotton, not as heavy as Kevlar),  pockets for knives, vials of poison around your neck, maybe even a razor thin sword in a hand tooled leather sheath, or a broadsword worn on your back. How about a bow and a quiver of poisoned arrows? A sword or bow would be rather obvious though. I would get caught or killed, maybe. I just don't know enough about stealth and weapons to do the work. I have only a little knowledge, very dangerous.

I have had some music training. I am blessed with a decent voice. I believe that the shower is indeed the best place to sing. The acoustics are awesome. It doesn't hurt that the water drowns out much of my attempt. In my head I am convinced I could sing for a living but would probably faint dead away if I stepped onto a stage to sing solo. That or throw up, maybe both. Maybe my ego isn't big enough or my confidence strong enough. Maybe I just don't know enough about it. Dangerous, very, very. Oh, I don't do karaoke. The audience is just too tough.

I read a lot. I can tell you about vampires, dragons, wizards, famous battles, the plague, The Dark Ages, the history of the Catholic Church and their beliefs, to which I do not belong, voodoo, exotic places, pirates, kings, queens, generals, the Druids and the Irish, which I am; Irish, not Druid. I like books. I like words. I have to bite my tongue to keep from correcting other people's grammar. I write poems, short stories, I have even written a book. I use too many commas, have difficulty keeping tense, there and their bewitch me, have no idea about who and whom, require a serious thesaurus and dictionary, and still stumble with to and too. Not enough knowledge......again with the dangerous.

I am a kitchen table therapist. I won't even go there. Let's leave it that I am yet to lose a client or be paid by one. So, I am just a bundle of little bits of information about so many things. I keep gathering, hoping that one day I might excel at one thing. Maybe quantum physics. Until then I will walk lightly, watch my back and gather as much information as my brain will allow. Keep to the shadows if you hear my name for remember, I am very dangerous, very dangerous indeed.

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