Thursday, November 24, 2016


Hello! I know it's been a while but life and all that, you know. I would like to share a piece with you that I wrote several years ago. It was a flight of fancy during an autumn storm. I hope you enjoy.

Adieu! Until next time.....


The land is nestling in for winter.                                            
Earth, moist from new rain, permeates
The brisk air with heady, acrid smells.

Nature’s labor of summer bears fruit.
A royal cache of gold leaves, red apples, purple berries;
Field and wood, burdened with bounty.

A cerulean sky filled with puffy white clouds
That scurries quickly by on a rapidly swelling wind.
They know what’s coming.

The trees sway gently then suddenly,
Winds of imposing strength
Push and shove them into a fevered dance.

The brightness scowls into darkness, winds howl and whip.
Summer’s bounty falls to earth as a bruised sky weeps;
Sad at the loss of autumn’s glorious embellishments.

Gone as abruptly as it came, the dark sky grows blue.
The air, brisk with chill, hurries winter gatherers to pillage
The spoils of disasters spill.

The earth draws closer in, she whispers to her charges,
 “It is coming, fall deeper into rest,
 Time now for sleep, time to refresh.”

Sunday, September 25, 2016

Thursday, September 22, 2016

World View

The Press is on.

Not the media press, The Press.

Imagine you are viewing the world from space. Imagine you have the ability to see the whole world at once, the sphere in totality; you would be awed, amazed at it's beauty. Certainly, I would. In your amazement you draw closer, you wish to see this globe suspended in space. Soon you see the moon and then the earth itself, the haze of it's atmosphere, the slight tug of its gravitational pull. Soon there are clouds whirling in violent masses over the surface of the planet, you feel the unseen wind as you break into air. (Please do not interject logic here. Of course you would burn. We are imagining.) However, as you draw closer to the surface you see that it looks as if it is boiling. Picture this planet coated in a thick, viscous substance dotted with huge gaseous bubbles erupting with immeasurable violence, millions of them exploding around the globe creating fires, famine, sickness and fear all seething under earths' crust, rolling, exploding, destroying. What is this thing?

 It is The Press.

Let us come back now to the real and the present. Our space travel was certainly imaginary. The Press however, is not. Everyone feels it even if they are unaware of it. No one escapes. Stress, strain, tension; they are not The Press. They are results of it. Fear, terror, anxiety, uneasiness, worry, annoyance, exasperation, irritation; these are not The Press. They are by products of it.

The population of this world, as well as the world itself, are under the crushing, destroying power of The Press. That real, unseen yet felt, ethereal presence that whips frenzy to its' peak, twists minds, warps emotions and blotches the soul; that is The Press and its' menace has invaded. We are under attack. Well, in saying that I open myself up to much criticism. But I do not speak of beliefs, religious or otherwise. I see it as a practical fact that some thing is gaining control over the peoples of our planet. It may be nothing more than our rotten dispositions taking reign, our greediness pushing for more, our lusts gone unabated, it could be just that. Yet, isn't that more than reason enough?Something cannot run wild and be leashed at the same time. What monsters grow from within ourselves?

There is the comforting description of a diamond from coal, a beautiful result of pressure. However, that is a specifically applied pressure, one that is ingrained in the design of the earth. Man can manufacture diamonds, but I think that, in a sense, they are forgeries. The two diamonds will appear the same but one has endured for thousands of years and the other perhaps only a few months. The press exerted upon a piece of coal that results in a diamond is a productive press. The Press upon our world and ourselves is not. We shall harden, or shatter.

I do not think that The Press is of a benevolent nature. As I said before, I see it as destructive. So, we find ourselves in a fix. The Press is here. It will not leave until it accomplishes whatever a thing like this wishes to. Think on it. You feel it, you know it is real and true. Our communal existence depends on recognizing this specter and our personal existence is already in the gravest danger for not noticing it sooner! Examine yourself, survey your life, your world and find the weaknesses, for it is there that The Press pushes in to break you, defeat you. It's time to raise our eyes and see our world and where we are, not bend our necks to technology and individualism; for in doing that, looking up and out, you will have some power in the fight with this intangible, invisible thing. Do not discount this out right, take time to consider it.

Just watch your back. We are at war.

Adieu! Until Next Time......