Thursday, November 24, 2016


Hello! I know it's been a while but life and all that, you know. I would like to share a piece with you that I wrote several years ago. It was a flight of fancy during an autumn storm. I hope you enjoy.

Adieu! Until next time.....


The land is nestling in for winter.                                            
Earth, moist from new rain, permeates
The brisk air with heady, acrid smells.

Nature’s labor of summer bears fruit.
A royal cache of gold leaves, red apples, purple berries;
Field and wood, burdened with bounty.

A cerulean sky filled with puffy white clouds
That scurries quickly by on a rapidly swelling wind.
They know what’s coming.

The trees sway gently then suddenly,
Winds of imposing strength
Push and shove them into a fevered dance.

The brightness scowls into darkness, winds howl and whip.
Summer’s bounty falls to earth as a bruised sky weeps;
Sad at the loss of autumn’s glorious embellishments.

Gone as abruptly as it came, the dark sky grows blue.
The air, brisk with chill, hurries winter gatherers to pillage
The spoils of disasters spill.

The earth draws closer in, she whispers to her charges,
 “It is coming, fall deeper into rest,
 Time now for sleep, time to refresh.”

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