Thursday, March 27, 2014

We all know that someday we too shall pass away. It's unavoidable.  To have someone, especially a loved one, leave this world with no way to stop it is terrible. The effects ripple throughout all who know like a pebble in a pond. One ripple has gone as far as 3000 miles. Makes you feel small.

Openly or secretly we all have a desire to leave a legacy. A worthwhile essence left of you that spurns people on to be better. Wisdom remembered, wisdom shown, wisdom learned.

My immediate family, who cannot be with you face to face, as well as myself, gathered together on the evening of his leavin' and paid tribute to a great man. We celebrated E. Carney, SFC-E6. We talked, we laughed, we cried. Those of us of age raised a shot of good Irish whiskey to his name. We danced. We lit candles and played soft Celtic music, we sang, we remembered, we grieved for Papa, grandpa, great grandpa.

I believe that sometimes important things are denied in a real way. Unmovable objects. However, the awareness of events thousands of miles away are touching and moving me. In my grief I am seeing as I have never seen before. Life is short.

Websters states:

Legacy: noun  something transmitted by or received from an ancestor or predecessor, as from the past.

Emmett Carney, my Papa, left an indelible legacy.     

The toast we made to Papa.:

                                                          An Irish Toast

If ye cheat, may ye cheat death.

If ye steal, may ye steal a woman's heart.

If ye fight, may ye fight for your brother,

And if ye drink, may ye drink with me.


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