Wednesday, August 27, 2014


I must apologize for being so long in writing. It seems I have developed a deep aversion to the written word. That is certainly not something a writer likes to experience.

I have had a book published and am in the process of marketing it. I can tell you that writing the darn thing was the easiest part. Now I have to promote it. It's frustrating, exasperating, futile. At least from this view.

The copies have arrived. I started reading it as an actual book, skipped through a good portion of  it and went to the end. I couldn't finish it. Found it elementary with too many errors. I see now why some actors never watch there own work. It is inevitable it will be found lacking. That said, I have no idea if it is a good book or not. During the writing process I was sure it was. Now that assurance is on shaky ground.

I did not write the story expecting to become rich. I did not write it for fame. I wrote it because I wanted to. When it was done I was adrift. My fantasy friends had gone, their mission accomplished. Nothing to occupy the mind or hands. I fell into depression and did mindless things on the computer. I decided the only cure was to continue the story. Well, that sounds easy enough, but it's not.

I have discard several general plots, keeping parts of this and that. Looking at new things and reacquainting myself with some old ones in the hopes of sparking an idea. Thinking, always thinking of what could happen, what could be said. My depression left, my purpose was back.

It's a good shot that I will remain obscure and end my days with a monumental collection of poems, prose, and a couple of books. I suppose that's not to bad a legacy. Maybe in a hundred years I will be considered a master. Who's to know? All I know is that I must continue to write this blog, no matter how many people read it. I must continue to work on my poetry and prose. I must continue to journal and look at the world with the wonder of a child. I must not forget to see the sprites, the spirits, those fantastical creatures created in the mind.

Life hurts. It's hard and toilsome. Everyone alive needs something to call there own:; something they created. I am fortunate to have found my niche. Some never do.

Thank you.     Until next time.............................

If you are interested in my book, it is available on Amazon and Barnes and Nobles. There is more information about the book on the websites and Amazon lets you read the first couple chapters to see if you like it. I thank you in advance for your attention. I do ask that you make a comment about the story on the above websites. It helps to move the book along a very long line.

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