Friday, September 12, 2014

Do You Hear Me?

do you?........really hear?  does anybody realy hear......or listen.   Dream....mine or we care?  do we care or is it a we can say we're doing something..

do I want my space?...would it be empty without you or to full when you're here?  Perhaps you feel the same of me.

no youthful passion, no purpose just posts that lean on each other. if one falls, well.........

tick goes the passing of time. why do i feel young in a body that won't respond, that has a face i do not know, whose hair is much lighter than the brown i've always known?

life is too lonely...too many people don't care....except the one whose been here for more of my life than not. who treats me as a queen....who i try not to take advantage of.

too many years with to think of being without.

until next time.......

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