Saturday, September 20, 2014

Gram and Grid Kids Football

I have two daughters. I have no sons but yet I do. I have two  grandsons with whom I have a wonderful relationship. They are funny, clever, excited about life and learning. However, suddenly I find them on scooters, bicycles, skateboards, and of course, video games. When did this happen? What happened to binkies?
Today I watched my baby grandsons play their third football game of the season. I enjoy football. I understand the game and its quirks. However with the little ones it is different, somewhat. I have heard stories of parents yelling at coaches, spittle flying from their rage, over a play or penalty they disagreed with. I think that’s foolish and childish. That said, I have found myself yelling from the stands various epitaphs about the plays. I hold my breath at the end of the play for fear that one of “my” boys have been hurt. So far, so good, but Gram is going to get in trouble if she doesn’t quit yelling, “holding!” “fumble!” and so forth. I’m not sure if the passion is the game or whose playing it. Don’t be silly, of course I know that the passion is for my grandsons.
Grid Kids needs to be acknowledged for their diligence and dedication to these small boys and their personal growth. There biggest concern is safety, the second team cohesiveness with winning coming somewhere behind. My grandsons are no longer babies. They are young boys who will soon be young men. Their raising has been exceptional. I can say this freely for the coach told my daughters that the boys were not “mean” enough. They are to kind the coach said. Hmmm….. Well, they are getting the game down after a month ofpractice and three games. They are 2-1 and frankly I am quite proud.
I am working on my yelling during the game. It’s not because I don’t want to, it’s because I don’t want to embarrass my grandchildren in front of their team or undermine the authority of the coach. It doesn’t keep me from mumbling under my breath, “false start”, “facemask” etc. You can, however, expect me to be at every game supporting the boys. Who knows? They may excel and become pro’s. But then again, they may not. Although they will come away with a sense of self-worth, improved self-esteem, self-pride and hopefully a love of teamwork. If this be so, they will be successful  in all they do. I probably will yell about that too!

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