Friday, October 17, 2014

Excerpt from The Oracle Ophelia

Do blogs always have to be about something real? I was wondering because I would like to share a short piece of my book. It just went on the market at the end of June. So far sales are p-o-o-r! but, I have faith.

It's a fantasy, or is it? Dark and light battling out as they have since time began, since Cain killed Abel. Darkness resides in all of us as does light. Which rules you? The darkness is strong right now. We need the light for if not, the consequences are dire. Look up, look inside, look around and fill yourself with the light awaiting to help you sustain.


The wind began to rise and dark clouds covered the moon. Soon the curtains were tangling in the howling wind as lightning crashed and thunder boomed. The sleeping Ophelia made no effort to rise while her spirit watched with intense, unemotional eyes. A void without light appeared suddenly at the foot of her bed. Her mind’s eye watched it slowly take form. Emerging from the tempest, his darkness visible and foul, was Ophedius. He did not know she watched him step next to her sleeping figure. She had never spoken to or seen the Lord of Darkness, but her spirit recoiled at the depravity emanating from the pulsing void. She hesitated to acknowledge his presence, fearing it would only increase his power, but as she watched the vile creature reach to touch her sleeping face, she could hold her voice no longer.

 "Do not dare to touch me.” Her voice was frozen, throaty, hanging heavy in the air. 
The black lord stopped mid-movement, looking to find the source of the disembodied voice. His expression became quizzical when he could find none. “Well, your strength grows, my dear. To what do I owe the honor of you addressing me?” He peered around the room as he spoke, watching the sleeping Ophelia closely, making sure it was not a bit of trickery. 

“I have no fear of you, Ophedius. Leave me. There is no place for you here.” She watched the confusion on the doughy face grow more complex. The storm was subsiding and the clouds began to pull away from the moon, allowing silver light to pierce the gloom. 

The essence of darkness wavered. He did not have the power to sustain on Abysmal. “I will leave you, my dear, but with a reminder that I was here.” Slowly, he bent and placed a kiss upon her breast, where her heart lay beneath.

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